About NJC

The National Junior College was established in 1969 and officially opened on 14 May 1970 by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, the then-Prime Minister. As the pioneer College in the Republic, its system has been the model for junior colleges established in successive years. Its vision is to nurture students who have sound moral values and a deep sense of responsibility to the college and the country, who are prepared to lead with sensitivity and serve with honour. The college provides a vibrant learning environment which fosters academic excellence, critical and creative thought and an enterprising spirit.

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Integrated Programme

In 2004, the college launched the 4-year NJC Integrated Programme, which focuses on a broad-based curriculum which encourages independent and application-based learning. Concepts from different subject areas are integrated, and taught in cross-disciplinary modules which allow for greater inter-connectedness of learning, helping students to put their learning in context. As part of the programme, the Integrated Sciences curriculum was developed. In the true spirit of integration, modules combine concepts from the traditional fields of science, to teach about particular topic areas.

In 2009, the NJC Integrated Programme was extended from the four-year programme to a six-year programme. Students are now admitted at Secondary 1. Students in this programme will skip the GCE ‘O’ Level and take the GCE ‘A’ Level at the end of the programme. The programme allows students a longer period to explore their interest in various subjects and deeper specialisation in specific science subjects. For students who display an aptitude for the sciences, they are offered the option of taking Accelerated Physics, Chemistry or Biology, depending on their preference. This allows teachers to impart knowledge at a greater depth. They are also given greater overseas opportunity, taking studying out of the classroom, instilling in students a global perspective.

One of the modules in the Integrated Programme is the Special Progamme in Inquiry REsearch (SPIRE). It aims to provide students with the chance for how to carry out inquiry in science. This facilitates open inquiry where students come up with a scientific question and answer it based on data obtained through experimentation.

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STaR Programme

NJC also offers the exclusive Science Training and Research (STaR) Programme to students who display excellence in Science and are interested in pursuing a career in research. Students take on advanced scientific research projects and use sophisticated laboratory instruments and equipment in our very own South Zone Science and Technology Centre – Sigma Lab. Opportunities are also given to students to participate in full-time research attachments with our renowned local research institute partners. Additionally, outstanding students may also be offered the chance to take part in the International Science Exchange Programme which allows them to collaborate with international peers in scientific research. Some of our overseas partner schools are located in Japan, Korea and Russia.